Eminent Speech Overview

Storytelling Ark:

  1. Introduce Neil Armstrong, who he is.
  2. Neil Armstrong selected as an astronaut for the Apollo 11 mission.
  3. The rigorous training process.
  4. Liftoff of the Saturn V rocket, start telling the story of the trip.
  5. Trip to the moon, live broadcast, etc..
  6. Talk about the final descent to the moon, running low on fuel, almost aborted, and touchdown.
  7. Talk about walking on the moon’s surface, the famous Neil Armstrong quote.
  8. Talk about leaving the moon, re-entry into earth.
  9. Talk about welcome party home, conclude the story.

Neil Armstrong: Earth’s First Trip to the Stars

The hour is 10:56 p.m, EDT on July 20, 1969. The world is glued to there new portable television sets and radios, as they listen to the CAPCOM chatter on the Apollo 11 frequency, which is currently broadcasting worldwide. A sudden moment of silence envelops the globe, as all eyes and ears are focused on one man, slowly making his way down the Lunar Decent module. 5 more feet….. 4…… 3…… 2……. 1……. The radio frequency crackles: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”. The NASA mission control room erupts into cheering, and the world will never be the same again.

I chose Neil Armstrong (if that isn’t obvious yet) as my eminent person because he means so much in the modern world, and is a symbol of strength, perseverance, and exploration as he was the first human ever to step foot another celestial body. His sense of curiosity is astounding and contagious, and that made me want to study him as an eminent person. He inspired me, to continue trying to achieve my goal in reaching NASA mission control, because if a normal man was able to take the first step on the moon with nothing but his wits, bravery, and courage, surely I could achieve something far lesser. Another reason I chose Neil is that there aren’t many barriers between his life and mine, so it would be easier for me to connect with him as a person. It’s nice that I will be able to study someone that is so close to my (hopefully) chosen field of study because I will then be able to learn more about how I can successfully register into the different programs, and prepare myself for the soon to be known challenges ahead.

“Dad is Dying” response

Image result for lyingAt the beginning of the short story “Dad is Dying”, it is stated that Sam would end up saving his mom and dad. I believe that this claim turned out to be true because at the end of the book, Sam’s mom and dad ended up benefiting from the lie and the lie helped strengthen the bonds that Sam’s family had with the community. If it weren’t for the lie, Sam’s parents would have continued along the path that they were already taking and would eventually arrive at a point where the effects were so extreme, that an event would happen that might have induced pain in the hearts of relatives/friends. However, because Sam told the lie, Sam’s mom was re-connected to the community by the support that they were giving the family while their dad (dog) had a “fatal” sickness. As for Sam’s dad, he was re-energized and strengthened by the sudden abundance of compliments and care and was saved from his fall to what could have been a serious form of depression/paranoia.

As for whether the benefits of the lie outweigh the issue of the lie itself, I’d hesitantly say it does because:

  1. The lie ended up helping many people and saving Sam’s family. As I said above, if it weren’t for the lie, Sam’s family would have continued falling down the rabbit hole of depression/social disconnection.
  2. The amount of good done by the lie outweighed the amount of bad.

But, at the same time, when Sam told the lie, he didn’t know that it was going to positively impact his whole community. Because of this fact, I feel like Sam made the decision entirely for his own gain, even if it would hurt others. I do not believe lies are to be used in that manner, so what Sam did in the class was completely irresponsible, unaccounted for and outright wrong. If the outcome of the lie had turned into a burden for the family, I would take back my statement that the lie was worth it immediately. We can only hope that if an event like this has happened in real life, the perpetrator would learn from his/her mistakes and not lie again.