In Depth Post #1

For my in depth, I decided to do an improv project with Yunmin, where we will be working together to improve our acting skills and learning the essential elements of improv. We have already signed up for the school’s improv club and attended our first meeting. Although we aren’t as good as our classmates are yet, we hope to get better with practice and time (They were in the improv club for half a year already). Our drama teacher, Ms. Zelda was able to get us in touch with a someone named Graham Myers, who leads multiple improv classes, and is an improv “legend”, at least in the Gleneagle drama department. We are planning to meet with him once a week, but we haven’t fully decided yet. So far, Yunmin and I are working ahead of schedule, and everything is running smoothly.

Document of Learning #4

Knowing what you do now, what advice would you give yourself at the start of your inquiry?

Knowing what I know now, you would probably tell myself to try and slow down, and focus on the important stuff. When Noah and I started this ZIP project, we immediately started working on our trailer, which was, in the end, not an essential and necessary part of our project. Looking back now, I realize that I could have spent that time much better, and I assume that if I started working on the script that early, I would have been done by now. Because of our mistakes, I am only now just finishing up the script, which allows me to focus on my presentation and trailer. I believe that this one simple mistake may very well have been the biggest limiting factor in my entire project.

Document of Learning #3

What is a specific source of information that you have found valuable in answering your inquiry question? How has it proved valuable? Explain.


A specific source of information that has proven to be very valuable to me are websites that show the whole plotline of a movie and explain the basic storyline. Going through these websites, I found a common trend among all the best mystery movies out there, and that is that all movies start off with a sudden burst of unexplained action, followed by calm, which hooks the viewer and keeps them on their toes and wondering (this is just one of the many consistencies). These websites allowed me to tweak my movie script and helped me develop my script writing skills to better captivate the audience.



Doc of Learning #2

Document of Learning

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give yourself at the start of the project.

Knowing what I know now, I would tell myself to be a bit more careful in choosing my project specifics. I started off with a very big goal, that I was hoping I could do all on my own. Soon after, I realized that I would need a partner to help me with my task at hand, so I recruited Noah, who had a similar idea as mine, to begin with. Now, I’m realizing that I might need to ask at least 4 more people to volunteer to act in my trailer. This project is becoming more and more of a problem to me, and I am hoping that I won’t find myself needing even more resources.

Leadership response

During the last week, I have learned many new things about how to be a good leader in “How to be a REAL Success”. This course has taught me many new things, and I would like to share how these lessons have taught me to be a better leader.
The part of the course that had the most impact on me was the fact that respect was one of the most important parts of leadership. I always knew that getting along with group members could help you progress in a project faster, but I never really understood how much impact it had. Respect (according to the lesson) makes up 80% of being successful! This amazed me and made me realize how important being kind, inclusive, open to ideas and social really mattered. Honestly, it’s a bit of a relief for me, because coincidentally I am quite good at building relationships. I have really appreciated this one week course, and I hope next year’s grade 9s find it as helpful and informative as I did!

PTI conflict

Based on our reading of Sherman Alexie’s “The absolutely true diary of a Part-Time Indian”, the most significant external conflict is Junior’s struggle to prove the Rearden society that he is equal to white people. Many times throughout the story, it is shown how Junior is shamed due to his race, an example of which being this confrontation between Junior and his science teacher: “Where did you learn this fact? On the reservation? Yes, we all know there is so much amazing science on the reservation.” (85) Junior’s teacher remarks after Junior corrects him in class. This quote is just one of the many examples of a moment where Junior is discriminated due to his race. We can also observe Junior complaining about the discriminatory behavior to the audience in many situations: “I knew I’d have to put a stop to it eventually or I’d always be known as “Chief” or “Tonto” or “Squaw Boy”” (64). Junior is constantly looked down upon, and he needs to fight to prove that he is just as equal as all the other kids. Although this fight against discrimination practically matches Junior against the whole school, and American culture, Junior is determined to be successful and is trying to win this conflict of all Indigenous people.

Document of Learning ZIP

Record a journal entry of how you used one of our in-class focus blocks. What did you accomplish during this time? What did you struggle with? What might be your next step in your next focus block? Set a goal.


During my last in-class focus block, I focused on trying to find movie scripts to read off of, organising a software that Noah and I will use for the project, and writing down ideas, needs and specifications for our movie. I managed to lay a very firm groundwork for our movie and what will be about. I also managed to get our software, Celtx, all set up and ready to go. The main problem I had was finding reliable, readable and good scripts that Noah and I could read off of. I also had a lack of ideas of movies that Noah and I could take inspiration from. Next block, I plan to pause our progress on our final presentation/script, and begin to dive more deeply into lessons, written pieces and movies to start answering my inquiry question. I hope to have found at least 3 scripts and to have started to read them by the end of the next in-class focus time.

ZIP Proposal (Partnered with Noah)

Proposal for Zip



What are the most important components of a Mystery genre movie.


What would you like to learn? Why did you choose this skill? What motivates or excites you in pursuing this line of inquiry?


The specific line of inquiry that I chose excites me because there are so many different possibilities with what I can do for this project and how it can turn out. It has a very narrow but diverse range of materials to research from, and I feel like learning about scriptwriting could become a high demand job as more and more movies come out. This topic also excites me personally, as I love watching movies in my own time and am looking forward to working on something that matches my passions.


What do you currently know about this topic/skill, and what skills do you currently have that will help you succeed in your work?

To be 100% honest, I don’t know much about this specific skill, nor do I have many skills that will help me succeed in my work. Thankfully, I have Noah as a partner, whose dad works for a film company. Hopefully, Noah will be able to help me learn new skills and will guide me through the project.


What is a specific list of skills that you hope to have expanded on / learned by the end of this assignment?


By the end of this assignment, I am planning to have learned how to write a story in a stronger and more impactful manner, and I also hope to improve my planning skills as this project will be a large feat to undertake.


Who can you approach for support during your work/research?


I was hoping to get in touch with Noah’s dad, and possibly receive advice from him on how to proceed with this project.I was also hoping to ask Noah’s dad if he could get us in touch with a scriptwriter or storyboarder, so we can begin to learn the essentials of writing and designing a movie.


What are some other resources that might be useful in helping you complete your summary?

I was planning on getting movie scripts off the internet december-calendarso that Noah and I could study and examine them. I was also planning to watch multiple mystery movies, so we could get ideas on what film we were going to write.


How might you demonstrate your learning at the end of your inquiry? What format or form might you use to highlight your work?


I was planning to present our learning by fully planning out a movie(scripting, storyboarding, etc.) and then also creating a trailer for our planned movie to show that we have learned how to make an impact on the audience. We will also be presenting a short lesson on how mystery movies leave impacts on the audience through different plot twists and other strategies.


What is your schedule for learning? Include a calendar with a tentative plan as to how you will use your time both in and out of class.

Night of the Notables Assessment

Overall, this project was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed learning more about space and the Apollo missions a lot. This project inspired me t continue on with my dreams, and to never give up. In the end, I’m really happy with how my learning center turned out.hi

I put a lot of effort into putting all the elements together and making it complete, and I am glad that all the hard work is over. One of the major annoyances that I had though was that the blue board behind my project really messed up the overall aesthetic of my learning center, and I wish my location could have been a bit better. The part of Night of the Notables that I will remember the most is the overwhelming talent and passion so many of my classmates put into their work. I learned many new things, and I saw interesting talents that I was unaware that my friends had. The amount of personality each person put into their learning centers made sure that each station was a fresh new thing, ready to be explored. I would like to thank all the grade 10s for supporting us 9s through our first Night of the Notables. I would have been lost without all of you guys. I would also like to thank Ms. Mulder, Mr. Salisbury and Mr. Morris for helping us complete our projects, and providing encouragement and support. That night was a night I will never forget.

Document of Learning

For my document of learning, I decided to make a record of all my elements in my learning center, what purpose they served and how I made them. Ill start off with my focal point, the timeline of Neil Armstrong’s life.





I included this object to allow the audience to understand the significance of what Neil Armstrong had done to reach his dreams and to show how putting effort into the thing you love makes all the difference.

How I made it:

  1. Got a black poster board from staples
  2. Create small captions to describe major events in his life
  3. Paste pictures and captions onto the poster board
  4. Paint a yellow timeline arrow connecting the different points
  5. Decorate the poster

Rocket simulation


This element was added to show how difficult it was to achieve something like flying into space. I made this intentionally hard so that people would appreciate how hard Neil worked to achieve getting into space.

How I made it:

  1. Downloaded a rocket simulation called Kerbal Space program
  2. Modified it so that it would be more realistic
  3. Designed a Saturn V replica inside the simulation
  4. Printed an instruction sheet for the simulation
  5. (This was all more work than it sounds like)



This part of my project was just included to allow the reader to gain some more interesting facts about the Apollo missions. I formatted it so that it would look like a mission control computer.

How I made it:

  1. Bought tri-fold from staples
  2. Typed up information panels
  3. Posted pictures/other aesthetics for decoration

Other Elements:

  • Video showing moon landing as it happened
  • 2 pictures, one of Neil and other of Saturn 5 diagram

I really enjoyed working on this project and learning new things about space and the Apollo missions.