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It’s worth loosing friends if it is making a positive change for yourself?

I believe that if your friends are getting in the way of your success, it is reasonable to leave them behind to achieve something better. For example, in grade 2,3, and 4, I was friends with a guy named Bob (I will call him bob because I don’t want to give away his real identity). Now although Bob and I were really good friends, and we shared a similar mindset, he also had a major flaw. He wouldn’t allow me to socialize with anyone other than him or he would do everything he could to make my life suck, and unless he always won at everything, he would get super man at me and start yelling, having rants and temper tantrums. Eventually, this got to a point where I could on longer be his friend, because he was hurting me more than he was being a good friend. Because of this, I left him, and I have been happier since. My past experiences give me a good strong and solid reason for me to believe that this statement is true.

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