Document of Learning

For my document of learning, I decided to make a record of all my elements in my learning center, what purpose they served and how I made them. Ill start off with my focal point, the timeline of Neil Armstrong’s life.





I included this object to allow the audience to understand the significance of what Neil Armstrong had done to reach his dreams and to show how putting effort into the thing you love makes all the difference.

How I made it:

  1. Got a black poster board from staples
  2. Create small captions to describe major events in his life
  3. Paste pictures and captions onto the poster board
  4. Paint a yellow timeline arrow connecting the different points
  5. Decorate the poster

Rocket simulation


This element was added to show how difficult it was to achieve something like flying into space. I made this intentionally hard so that people would appreciate how hard Neil worked to achieve getting into space.

How I made it:

  1. Downloaded a rocket simulation called Kerbal Space program
  2. Modified it so that it would be more realistic
  3. Designed a Saturn V replica inside the simulation
  4. Printed an instruction sheet for the simulation
  5. (This was all more work than it sounds like)



This part of my project was just included to allow the reader to gain some more interesting facts about the Apollo missions. I formatted it so that it would look like a mission control computer.

How I made it:

  1. Bought tri-fold from staples
  2. Typed up information panels
  3. Posted pictures/other aesthetics for decoration

Other Elements:

  • Video showing moon landing as it happened
  • 2 pictures, one of Neil and other of Saturn 5 diagram

I really enjoyed working on this project and learning new things about space and the Apollo missions.

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