ZIP Proposal (Partnered with Noah)

Proposal for Zip



What are the most important components of a Mystery genre movie.


What would you like to learn? Why did you choose this skill? What motivates or excites you in pursuing this line of inquiry?


The specific line of inquiry that I chose excites me because there are so many different possibilities with what I can do for this project and how it can turn out. It has a very narrow but diverse range of materials to research from, and I feel like learning about scriptwriting could become a high demand job as more and more movies come out. This topic also excites me personally, as I love watching movies in my own time and am looking forward to working on something that matches my passions.


What do you currently know about this topic/skill, and what skills do you currently have that will help you succeed in your work?

To be 100% honest, I don’t know much about this specific skill, nor do I have many skills that will help me succeed in my work. Thankfully, I have Noah as a partner, whose dad works for a film company. Hopefully, Noah will be able to help me learn new skills and will guide me through the project.


What is a specific list of skills that you hope to have expanded on / learned by the end of this assignment?


By the end of this assignment, I am planning to have learned how to write a story in a stronger and more impactful manner, and I also hope to improve my planning skills as this project will be a large feat to undertake.


Who can you approach for support during your work/research?


I was hoping to get in touch with Noah’s dad, and possibly receive advice from him on how to proceed with this project.I was also hoping to ask Noah’s dad if he could get us in touch with a scriptwriter or storyboarder, so we can begin to learn the essentials of writing and designing a movie.


What are some other resources that might be useful in helping you complete your summary?

I was planning on getting movie scripts off the internet december-calendarso that Noah and I could study and examine them. I was also planning to watch multiple mystery movies, so we could get ideas on what film we were going to write.


How might you demonstrate your learning at the end of your inquiry? What format or form might you use to highlight your work?


I was planning to present our learning by fully planning out a movie(scripting, storyboarding, etc.) and then also creating a trailer for our planned movie to show that we have learned how to make an impact on the audience. We will also be presenting a short lesson on how mystery movies leave impacts on the audience through different plot twists and other strategies.


What is your schedule for learning? Include a calendar with a tentative plan as to how you will use your time both in and out of class.

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