Wheel of Revolution – The French Revolution



Kings and nobles have all the power in France


Power of the king taken away

Kind was now a figurehead, not a political representative

Nobility loses titles and most of the land

The church loses its monasteries and farmlands

Bishops are now elected by people


The Metric System

The Encyclopedia

The Guillotine



France was in a very bad economic state


France becomes a very agricultural nation

Entrepreneurship and small businesses flourish

Bad outcome on the world’s per capita



King is in control of all of France


Government democratic for a short period of time, then reformed into constitutionalism when Napoleon re-took control of France


The French revolution is very similar to the English civil war in that they both were movements to overthrow the current monarchies in power, they both started from an increase of taxes from the nobles/king, which was unwelcomed by the general population, and they both had big technological, social, and political changes that we can still see the remains of today.

The French revolution ends in a victory for the civilians, and the election of a new greater leader named Napoleon. Napoleon then goes to conquer large portions of Europe and Asia and set France up as a permeant world superpower. Even to this day, France continues to be one of the most powerful countries in the world.

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