English 17th Century Letter

Dear Mr. Hopkins

In the light of your recent success in your proposed attempt to cleanse England of the sinful witches of whom roam our land, I have decided to grant you with increased funds, as to aid your journey. I feel the day is coming close as to when the vile beings will attempt to assassinate me, and you must understand my protection is of the utmost importance.

My army claims to have found a group of witches living in downtown London, right next to Grey’s Merchant company. I want you to go and investigate the ladies to ensure their innocence. Also, it seems there seems to be a tendency for witches to be found in the highlands, so ensure you thoroughly sweep all the towns, cottages and farms there. Keep your eyes out for widowed or single ladies with an expertise in medicine.

As a final note, before you depart to London, I want to bless you for protecting the almighty power with all your chivalry and heart. I solemnly swear that you deserve to be and will be titled a saint if you are found to be successful in your future ventures. Good luck, my noble worshiper, and know that my blessing will be with you.

-King John

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