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  1. Hi Albert!
    I really enjoyed your presentation and your topic. You did an amazing job going in-depth in your research, and simplifying an extremely complicated topic.
    Some suggestions I had were to try and aim to be more concise with your speech, as you had multiple points that you repeated a lot in the same slides. Additionally, I would highly suggest that you try to speak clearly and not trip up or stutter on words, though I understand that that is sometimes difficult. I am also slightly confused with the start of the video, mainly why you repeated the first slide. Overall though, your information was clear and your topic was extremely interesting.

    Good job!

  2. Hi Albert!
    I really liked your topic and learned something from your video! I also thought that you explained your information very well. Maybe next time you could do a bit more editing, as the first part of the video wasn’t cropped out. Also, who discovered the particle accelerator? How is it determined if an element has been found? I thought you did a great job summing up your research as well.
    Thank you for a really interesting TED talk!

  3. Hi Albert! Awesome Ted-talk.
    I really enjoyed how you went from the beginning, talking about what synthetic elements even were in the first place, and then progressed to our future outlook on the new discoveries of synthetic elements. It was crystal clear, with easy to understand points! The text you used in your powerpoint was also complimenting to what you were saying. I learned many things I did not know!
    A wish would be asking to speed up a little bit! I was engaged, but the pauses kind of threw me off a little bit. It would’ve shortened your ted talk!
    But amazing work! Thank you for educating me about synthetic elements.

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