Single Stories

Single stories, or “stereotypes”, show up almost everywhere in our everyday lives. Without knowing it, we harbor so many of these all at once, and continue to pass them on to acquaintances until an entire belief group (such as western society) has all adopted these stories as fact, to reject them would be very difficult, if not impossible to pull off. To completely rid yourself of these ideas, you need to instead change society as a whole. “My roommate had a single story of Africa, a single story of catastrophe”. What Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s roommate had heard is the story that has been spread by society for thousands of years, and it is now engraved in all of us sadly. What we need to do is start fresh, and start instead telling all the stories, not just a single one. To completely change societies perspective would take many generations, but with the easy spread of information that we now have thanks to the internet, it is very readily achievable, and a task we should strive towards.

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