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“People are their own worst enemies”

I strongly agree with this statement.

The way I see this statement, I completely agree with it, in all possible implications. Now the first thing that you would probably think of when you see this statement is something along the lines of “There will always be others out there that will hurt you! Wouldn’t they be more harmful then you are to yourself?”. To respond to this, I want to reference a quote, which I have been using kind of heavily recently, just because of how powerful it is, especially considering who said the quote. “Always remember, others may hate you, but those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them, and then you destroy yourself.” (Richard Nixon). This quote was said by the resigning president of the United States of America. Nixon said this as he was leaving the White House, as he realized that he had allowed himself to slowly tunnel vision on defending himself from the Democrats and the press, which in turn made him run the white house through hate, not passion or service. I feel like this quote fully encompasses the point I am trying to prove. It shows that before you (or Nixon in this example) hate those who hate or try to bring you down, you can still proceed through life with ease. As soon as you lose self-control and let others underneath your skin though, you slowly bring yourself down in a pitiful collapse.

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