Zip proposal-Debate

My chosen topic of inquiry for zip is debate. To be more exact, I want to study how we can use different language tools and strategies to create more effective debate arguments and rebuttals. I choose this topic because although I’ve had some experience with debate and public speaking, I never had the chance to investigate it independently. I feel like whenever I get into a debate with friends, my arguments are always muddled and unclear, and my entire debate structure is too informal. I also want to learn debate as it is a powerful skill to have within your career or future ventures. I think that this inquiry question is going to be fun and engaging for me to study, as it’s a very broad and diversified subject area, and it will be very easy for me to find a subject area of interest for me within debate.

Because of previous experiences, I have some knowledge in the area of debate. I already learned proper debate structure and some of the attributes of a good argument. However, as is evident by my debate performance, I have a lot of room for improvement still. However, that course did teach me a lot about researching arguments and debate topics, so that will be very helpful during zip, especially during my researching period.

By the end of the assignment, I want to have developed a much better debate style and clearer arguments, as stated earlier. I also want to make my rebuttals have clearer points, as most of the time the clearly formulated ideas in my head come out as crazy ramblings towards the opposing side. I also want to learn about a specific debate in the process (although this idea may change). I was planning to study whether the future of modern democratic countries is drifting towards democratic socialism or nationalism, as both extremes seem to be gaining more and more popularity in the modern world.

For support on my project, I can very easily find a class, club or mentor of sorts to teach me debate. At the same time, there are a plethora of online resources from debate judges or professional debate participants, so finding firsthand resources will not be a challenge at all for me.

For the final presentation of my topic, I’m still not sure how I could present it. I was thinking that during the rotations, I let the visitor bring a random topic, and then they simply debate with me. During the debate, I would point out certain strategies I am using and give them tips and instructions on how to better their arguments and improve their rebuttals and confidence.

Jan 8th to 11th: Preliminary research, get all the basics for further studying

Jan 11th to 22nd: Study professionals in the profession, maybe try and get a mentor, receive first-hand sources. Interview? Practice for the final presentation.

Jan 22 to 27th: Create debate topics? Practice with friends, parents, teachers, whoever possible.

After 27th: Hope I don’t mess up on my final presentation


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